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Organic Mechanics Rice Hulls are an organic and sustainable replacement for perlite. Perlite, a naturally occurring volcanic glass (like obsidian), is mined from the earth then baked and expanded in an oven. It's the same small, white bits you'll see in potting soils and commercial potting mixes. It can break down into dust quickly and is produced in a non-sustainable manner. OM Rice Hulls provide soils with the same drainage and aeration as perlite, while additionally composting instead of crushing into dust and being sustainably produced.

  • An organic and sustainable alternative to mined perlite.
  • OMRI listed for use in organic production - 100% organic!
  • Size: 2 cubic foot bag

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Use Organic Mechanics Pure Rice Hulls as a perlite substitute, fungus gnat deterrent, and weed control!

Perlite Substitute: Mix into soil to lighten a blend and increase porosity, aeration, and drainage. Use 10% less Rice Hulls than you would with perlite!

Fungus Gnat Deterrent: Make your plants a place they don’t want to go! Add 0.5″-0.75″ to the top of your soil as a mulch.

Weed Control: Stop weeds from growing by adding 1.5″-2.0″ of Organic Mechanics Pure Rice Hulls to the top of your soil as a mulch.

Organic Mechanics Pure Rice Hulls is Grown, Harvested, and Packaged in the USA & 100% Organic!


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