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HTG 600w Medium 4'x4' Organic Soil Grow Tent Kit

Metal frame is very nice. I got the 4inch fan and carbon filter combo. Performs well, no odor. Nutrients and soil in the package are good as well. 600 watt hps light is pretty basic, but gets the job done.

          5 of 5 stars
Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 400 Watt Grow Light

Decided to upgrade and graduate from 4ft 53watt 6 bulb T-5's and CFLs. After a lot of time and research, decided that HPS, and MH was best for my needs. The 400 W digital dimmable ballast runs so quietly you can barely hear it, and surprisingly cool. My room temperature has not exceeded 72 degrees. I chose the easy cool 6 hood, and run an inline duct fan. The duct fan makes more noise than the ballast. The customer service, and shipping by the people at HTG Supply is phenomenal!!!

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